Sean Curtis Patrick
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My documentary work has only really began in earnest the last few years, but I have started off on a good path.
My first documentary was in 2018 and concerned the hurricane ravaged island of Puerto Rico. We discovered some interesting but deeply distressing things in our brief time there.

My second doc was a short, six-part series about a climate science expedition to Greenland. Part adventure, part science, part travelogue: This may be my favorite work to date. It allowed for more humor and emotion than previous works of mine. That probably was due to going on this expedition with almost twenty amazing personalities to one of the most remote places on earth. 

Both are available below to watch in full... Full screen and headphones are recomended.

“The New North Pole of the Winds”. 2020. Shot & Directed by me.

“Searching for Answers: Puerto Rico & Hurricane Maria”. 2018. Shot & Directed by me.