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Hello! I thought it would be a prudent move to finally update my old demo reel.
So, here is the newest version. As usual, it is all over the place in terms of content, but hey, thats what they hire me for. Oh, also... I won an Emmy. Photo below. :)

Hello all! Big News! I have been nominated for two EMMYS for my Greenland Doc Series “The New North Pole of the Winds”! The awards ceremony is on June 19th. Fingers crossed...
That, and I am releasing a new record before a fact finding trip to Colorado to see if I can move there sometime soon. Check out the doc and my music in the left hand row. Thanks!


Hello World. This is my new website. I will be updating this more in the future and my hope is to have short but interesting content in this space. My first attempt at this will be a very short story and a photograph...

‘Ain’t no scoundrels, jus doller makins rounder.’ Duard slurred out as he lifted the sweat soaked, bloody brim to meet the approach of the clean Visitors advance. ‘You should probable scoot fore Tempests back.’

The Visitor looked down then quickly up and around tracking something fast and predator like. Diversions. Old fiction. ‘I hear that what smart does but ain’t what smart does today yaknow? Aright. No messin’ he fuck you up so get.’

What was that up there? Up that hill Duard thought.
‘Look over yer shoulder.’ The visitor said cleanly like the butcher he knew he was.

Duard Cahill. Father of none or nine or death but nothing no more. One shot rang loud around the valley. The Visitor holstered and kept ambling past the now crooked and slumped figure that now would be a feast for small and large. Six legged. Eight. Winged. Have at him. The burned air of Mexican fields one or two ranges away wafted northeast. The old sands and dry branches crack under rotted soles of boots bought in Tulsa five seasons past due.

‘Cactuss. You look like a spinster, wavin bein all misabehavin.’
Visitor rang out a handkerchief of sweat into his mouth. Keep walking... 

Photo from Tucson, AZ. Winter, 2019. Infrared 35mm - hand developed.